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Hi, I’m Katy. I’m a photographer with beginnings in travel and events, which honed my eye for the stories behind people, places, and objects in pictures.

Catering my creativity to my clients’ intents is key to my inspiration, and I promise that’s a point of view my team shares. In the nine years since I first picked up a camera, I’ve worked with Google, Little Dragon, Dazed and Confused, London Fashion Week, and more. My experience spans design, digital, film/content production, and image retouching. You don’t often get veteran project manager and seasoned creative in one person, but consider me a prototype.

Collaborating with world-renowned photographers such as Benedict Redgrove, James Harris, and Justin Barton has taught me that photography is more than a trade. It’s a storytelling tool that reads beyond the frame—speaking to an event’s impact or a brand’s mission.

How photography is used is all about intention. If you are an event planner or representing an agency, please contact me through partners@ktchn.com.



Katy - I just wanted to drop you a quick note to thank you again for yesterday and stress how absolutely perfect the photo delivery is. Thank you for everything! Really, exactly what we are needing - you nailed it!Matthew Magelof – Sotheby's
Katy thanks for taking my recent retirement photos at The Four Seasons, never had the chance to thank you for a great job! Your presence was so invisible, unlike other photographers who are always in your face, you always had a big smile on you face which put our guests at ease. Keep up the good work Katy, you have no choice but to succeed!Seta Kouyoumdjian – SAS Institute
Katy and Marlowe swooped in and took some dazzling photos of our latest interior design project, Woody's and Sailor Bar. It was a professional and fun experience, and the results speak volumes about the talent level and work ethic at KTCHN. Everything was cared for to the minute detail. Big recommend. Thanks, guys!Anthony Kwan – PLRK Studio
The team was extremely professional and helpful, patient and understanding. They were very attentive to my needs as an artist and cared about the quality. I was so happy with the final product! The photos captured all of the moments of my show that I wanted to remember, promote and share. Lighting was very important to me since my artwork is so colourfully vibrant, and I felt comfortable knowing that the KTCHN team had a lot of experience with this in mind.Zara Diniz – ZaraDiniz.com


We’re a dedicated team of photographers, editors, and writers, each with our own unique approach to visual and literal storytelling.

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