Event Photography : Jessica Chastain's Birthday - Tom Hiddleston @ Brassaii

Shot Loki himself without the help of Thor ! Last Saturday, I had the honour to meet Jessica Chastain and Loki ( Tom Hiddlston ) ! Very nice bunch of celebs. Happy Birthday to Jessica! xo

Personal Photography Project : 'Ice Queen' Sneak Peek

Shot this a little while ago, but due to a family member being hospitalize for two months it was put on the back burner. Almost done the set, FINALLY ! Thank you Pinkys Nails, MAC Cosmetics, model Alexandra Nov and my fabulous team for your patience. xox

Photography, styling and art direction done by yours truly. :)

photo (12).JPG


KTCHN 2.0 Bio:

I arrived in London from Lisboa on August 1st 2008 after backpacking on shoestrings and a loaded camera across Europe. I ditched my comfy bed in 'Canadia' aka CANADA and more specifically Toronto, to start what was supposed to be a nine month UN-paid internship at Suck UK Product Design.

After two months of starvation as an intern, Suck took a chance and hired me as their in-house product photographer. During those two months, working 9 to 6 from Monday to Friday left little time to make money and thus, survived counting the squares off my roll of toilet paper each day. I made sure to go for a piss before leaving work so I wouldn't have to use more toilet paper at home. The only income I was making was working weekends at The Big Chill Bar ( just off Brick Lane). Contents of my fridge were dire - you Brits aren't big on a custom known as tipping.

It was epic. It was tough.

It would make a great tragic story for someone I'm sure.

I shoot things because it's habitual for me; and because there's nothing else better to do when you're stuck on an island filled with kebabs, booze, and alcoholics with poor tipping habits.

This is natural selection in the works, I'm simply testing out the theory.