Toronto Event Photographer :

What I've been busy with... not updating my website (highlights below).

• Photographer Destination Wedding - Vegas, August 2014
• Photographer Nespresso, July 2014

• Photographer Google Non Profit, June 2014
• Photographer Google THINK FINANCE, June 2014
• Photographer Google THINK BRAND (Toronto & Montreal), May 2014
• Photographer Google Shopper, March 2014
• Photographer Google Conversions, March 2014
• Photographer Christian Lo Designs, March 2014
• Photographer Sodastream Campaign, September 2013
• Photographer Google THINK AUTO, September 2013
• Videographer Won 3rd place for a mini doc for the EstDocs Film Festival, August 2013
• Photographer YouTube PULSE, June 2013
• Photographer Google Finance, June 2013
• Corporate (finance) portrait & event commissions, October 2012
• Photographer for President Leonel Fernández at the Canadian Council for Americas Second Annual Awards Gala, September 2012


• Photographer TIFF Party, September 2014
• Photographer Google THINK FINANCE, September 2014

• Photographer Global Capital, September 2014
• Photographer Distillery Wedding Reception, September 2014

A proper update is long overdue, hoping to get around to polishing up my website and showcasing my personal photo projects this summer. Hopefully. Thank you all for checking in! 

Big love,


Event Photography : Jessica Chastain's Birthday - Tom Hiddleston @ Brassaii

Shot Loki himself without the help of Thor ! Last Saturday, I had the honour to meet Jessica Chastain and Loki ( Tom Hiddlston ) ! Very nice bunch of celebs. Happy Birthday to Jessica! xo